Wedding Aces Bridal Buds

So far, we’ve found out which wedding dress color you love (pink!), the best back (illusion, by a hair), the sleeves you’re swooning over (cap), and the modern lace treatment you like (bold). And today, we’re talking about one of the biggest trends that hit market this year: peplums!

A peplum is a ruffled overskirt that provides a unique silhouette to a gown – and they were in abundance this season. We saw them in all shapes, sizes, and fabrications, so we wanted to know if you’re a fan of the whole trend and if so, if you prefer your peplum to be big, small, or something in between.

wedding dress trends peplums, bridal market events navigation Dresses (from left) by Christos, Alvina Valenta, Angel Sanchez
Photos by Dan Lecca

So tell us:

How big do you like your peplums?

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