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What Shape Are Your Tables?

Posted by Kim on Aug 28, 2012

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It sounds like such a minor issue – the shape of the tables at your reception – but your decision has a major impact on the style and feel of your reception. Round tables are the most common, and they’re ideal to promote conversation among smaller groups of guests. Long tables give a reception a family-dinner feel – if you’re having trouble grouping guests together into smaller tables, a few long tables can eliminate that issue. We’re also seeing more square tables at wedding receptions for a more modern look, and some couples are choosing to have cocktail tables to promote mixing, mingling, and dancing. As for you and your new spouse, you can either sit with a group of family members, your wedding party, or a deux at a sweetheart table – it all depends if you want some “just the two of you” time at the reception or would prefer to sit with a group.

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Four Reception Style Ideas We Love

Posted by Jeffra on Mar 27, 2012

With all of the ideas you can acquire when planning your wedding, how do you choose your style? With Spring here and summer weddings quickly approaching, here are four style ideas we love for a warm weather/destination reception:

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Are you going with any of the above styles? Tell us below!

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