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10 Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

Posted by Alexandra on Oct 23, 2013

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Breaking it down on the dance floor is one of the highlights of the wedding reception, so you want to make sure you’re hiring someone who fits your needs and your overall vision. Considering the wide range of styles and skill sets when it comes to DJs, a thorough assessment is pretty important. Here are a few good questions to ask your wedding DJ before signing on (and to find a great wedding DJ, visit WeddingWire’s vendor reviews):

1. How would you describe your style? Is he the type who likes to talk and engage the crowd a lot? Is he very formal, more laid back, or super energetic? It’s important to get a sense of whether his tone is going to match the vibe you’re going for.

2. How do you work with couples to determine a playlist? Find out whether he has some basic strategies for feeling out his clients’ specific styles and preferences and how he helps customize their experiences.

3. What are your favorite first dance songs? This will give you a good sense of his style and taste and help you determine whether you might mesh well together. If his are all top 10 hits and you’re thinking classics and oldies, for example, it may not be the best fit.

4. Have you ever played at my reception venue before? If your DJ has experience with your venue, that’s a plus. If not, it’s not a deal breaker, but it is important that you set up an appointment to walk through the space together. You want to make sure your DJ knows the layout, is familiar with the acoustics of the space, and is acquainted with a staff member or coordinator, if possible.

5. How extensive is your music library? This one speaks for itself. You want a wide selection!

6. What type of equipment do you use? This will not only give you further insight to his level of experience and skill, but is important to know from an aesthetic and logistical standpoint. What does it look like and how much space does it take up? Does it require special electrical outlets? 

7. What does setup and breakdown entail? It’s important to have a basic understanding of this to properly plan in terms of timing and communicating any specific needs or concerns to your venue.

8. Do you have a demo or a recording of a wedding you’ve done in the past that I can see? Watching your DJ in his element will really give you the best sense of his interaction with the crowd, his energy, pacing, personality, style and level of professionalism.

9. Do you work with an assistant or second DJ? Depending on the size of your wedding, having an extra set of hands can be well worth it. This will help everything from setup to song requests run a lot more smoothly.

10. Do you offer any other services? Some DJs offer packages with additional services like video screens and lighting. Depending on the experience you’re going for, having these options available from a single source could be beneficial.

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Wedding Idea: Nonflower Centerpieces

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 20, 2010

If you’re trying to do something a little different for your centerpieces, Martha Stewart Weddings just posted these awesome non-flower centerpieces.   And most of them are DIY!

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ft fall05msw10 xl, wedding ideas ideas and trends do it yourself

view more green, wedding ideas ideas and trends do it yourself

So many colors, so little time

Posted by Lauryn on Apr 27, 2009

Before you can really start planning your wedding there is one very important detail you have to make a decision about – your wedding colors! For some brides this may be easy, they may have had them picked out before the groom, but for others, choosing your wedding colors can be a stressful process. Well, I found a great tool that can help you select your colors!

Pantone Inc. sales cialis is the worlds leading authority on color and provides color systems and selection to a range of industries world wide. I recently discovered a portion of their website called mood selector. The mood selector is meant to help pick out paint colors based on your personality traits or moods, but I thought this would also be a great way to select your wedding colors!

The way it works is that you go through a list of verbs and select words that describe how you want your wedding to feel. What words would you like others to use when describing your wedding? Once you are done selecting, click on the tab titled “your custom mood palette”. Here you will see all of the colors that relate to the words that you have chosen. Although you may have a random color here or there, chances are you will see a trend in your colors. For me, it was mostly shades of black, pink and purple, which is accurate because I want a black, white and pink wedding. . .but purple is my favorite color!

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Good luck finding your own custom palette!



WeddingWire’s Inspiration Boards!

Posted by MeganH on Feb 03, 2009

Are you trying to decide between color palettes and themes? Do you want to see if all your accessories match? We have the answer! WeddingWire has just introduced an exciting new feature for our users: Inspiration Boards!

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Personalize your board by adding your own photos or browsing the WeddingWire Gallery for ideas. You can rotate, stretch, shrink, and drag the photos to create the perfect mosaic! 

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Show your creative side and design your own board to share with friends, family, and the WeddingWire Community!

Login to your WeddingWire account to get started!

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