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15 Glitzy Wedding Day Extras

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 31, 2013

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In honor of New Year’s Eve, our Fashion Editor gathered 15 utterly adorable (and affordable!) accessory ideas you can wear not only on your big day but also long after too. From elongated Art-Deco earrings that will set off your updo and loose curls out on the town to an evening box clutch that will look just as good with your wedding gown as your pair of skinny jeans, she’s found lots of ways to make you S-P-A-R-K-L-E!

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Many couples move to a new home after their wedding. While it’s certainly an exciting time, it’s important to be careful about how you pack your jewelry. With all the stress and activity that comes with packing and unpacking, jewelry loss, damage and theft is common. Here are some top tips to keep your valuables safe from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, provider of Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance.

  1. Do not pack valuable jewelry in boxes or in storage. It can get lost with other items or stolen. If you’re moving locally, keep valuable items in a safety deposit box at a bank until you’re settled in and ready to retrieve them. If you’re moving a long distance, keep valuable jewelry with you.
  2. Don’t wear jewelry while you’re packing, unpacking, or doing heavy lifting. You may damage, bend, scratch, or chip valuable stones.
  3. Pack earrings, necklaces, and bracelets separately so they don’t get tangled together. We like individual small storage bags.
  4. Keep track of your items. Take a picture of each piece and created a list, tracking descriptions and serial numbers for each item. Make two copies of the list – take one with you when you move, and store the other one in a safety deposit box.
  5. Make sure your valuable items have been recently appraised to reflect their current values and replacement costs – and adjust your coverage accordingly. Make copies of appraisals and receipts – again, keep one copy with you, the other in a safety deposit box.
  6. Your jewelry should be properly insured. If your jewelry is insured under your homeowners’ or rental policy, it may only be insured up to $1,000 and may not cover mysterious disappearance.

For more information on protecting your jewelry, visit to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Posted by Kim on Aug 20, 2012

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Our best advice when it comes to choosing accessories for your wedding day: Don’t overdo it. If you’re planning on wearing a statement piece, whether it be a sparkly tiara, a chunky necklace, or even a pair of gloves, let that be your sole accessory, or keep your other accessories on the small and delicate side. You can always switch things up between the ceremony and reception if you’re dying to wear both that gorgeous tiara and your grandmother’s favorite necklace. One or two carefully chosen pieces can make a much more powerful statement than looking like you’re completely covered in jewelry. Check out our advice on choosing the right accessories for your gown, and then tell us:

Which statement accessory are you wearing on your wedding day?

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Diamond Cupcakes!

Posted by MeganH on Apr 15, 2009

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Our friends at Mervis Diamond Importers have outdone themselves this time. They have created the world’s first Fantasy Diamond Cupcake!

The cupcake is topped with 8 ideal cut round brilliant diamonds around its circumference, and a 2 carat Asscher cut diamond in the center. The price tag on the diamond is $30,000. Perhaps not realistic for most weddings, but there’s got to be someone out there who wants cupcakes with real diamonds at their wedding!

Diamonds and sweets…now that’s a perfect combination! What do you think about this fantasy cupcake?

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