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Favorite Real Wedding Details of 2012, Part 2

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 28, 2012

Yesterday, we shared some of our favorite real wedding details of 2012, and we’re back today to bring you even more incredible style from this year.

Unique Bridesmaid Style

From the differing shades of gray and purple dresses to the statement pieces of jewelry, we love this entire bridal party’s style. Solid bridesmaid dresses are the norm, but having your maid of honor stand out in a patterned dress adds to the visual appeal. There’s no doubt these ladies will wear their dresses again and again. See more of Jesse and Ben’s elegant, loft wedding here.

patterned bridesmaid dresses, real weddings ideas and trends Photo: Jordan Quinn Photography

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What Shape Are Your Tables?

Posted by Kim on Aug 28, 2012

wedding table shapes, ideas and trends decor

It sounds like such a minor issue – the shape of the tables at your reception – but your decision has a major impact on the style and feel of your reception. Round tables are the most common, and they’re ideal to promote conversation among smaller groups of guests. Long tables give a reception a family-dinner feel – if you’re having trouble grouping guests together into smaller tables, a few long tables can eliminate that issue. We’re also seeing more square tables at wedding receptions for a more modern look, and some couples are choosing to have cocktail tables to promote mixing, mingling, and dancing. As for you and your new spouse, you can either sit with a group of family members, your wedding party, or a deux at a sweetheart table – it all depends if you want some “just the two of you” time at the reception or would prefer to sit with a group.

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Photos, from top to bottom: Photo by B&G Photography; Photo by William Innes Photography; Photo courtesy of Gideon Photography

Reception Tables: Names or Numbers?

Posted by Kim on Aug 15, 2012

table names and numbers, wedding planning wedding ideas ideas and trends decor Photos (from left): Tracy and Riva Modern Wedding Photography; Trulife Photography

When thinking about your wedding reception, you’ll need to decide if you’re giving your tables names or numbers. Numbers are the most common, because they’re so clear and easy for guests to see. There are lots of creative ways to incorporate table numbers into your decor – you can use house numbers, topiary numbers, and lots more. Table names can add some personality into a wedding reception – but it’s important to make sure that the names reflect your personality as a couple, whether the tables are named for places you’ve traveled, your favorite hiking trails, dorms at the college you attended together. If you’re spending too much time thinking of creative names for your tables, it’s probably best to stick to numbers. If you’ve thought of creative names for your reception tables, let us know in the comments, and check out table name and number ideas here.

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Wedding Style: Table Decor

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 02, 2010

centerpiece whitmeyerphotography, style ideas and trends fresh ideas decor

table decor SBBGourmetCatering, style ideas and trends fresh ideas decor

table decor KristaPhotography, style ideas and trends fresh ideas decor

table decor fish restaurant, style ideas and trends fresh ideas decor

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Photo Credits:

Whitmeyer Photography

SBB Gourmet Catering

Krista Photography

Fish Restaurant

So Happi Together

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