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Two Wedding Dresses in One

Posted by Kim on Jul 11, 2012

two wedding dresses in one 2, wedding dress ideas and trends Photos by Dan Lecca

Switching up your look between your ceremony and reception can be a fun way to keep your guests guessing. Of course, you don’t have to go to the level of someone like, say, Kim Kardashian, and wearing three completely different dresses throughout the evening, but there’s nothing wrong with a little switcheroo! Fortunately, designers are making the ceremony to reception dress swap a little easier (and perhaps more budget-friendly) by creating two-in-one wedding dresses, like the Anne Barge style above. Looks like a traditional ballgown, but the grand skirt is completely removable to reveal a super-cute lacy mini. Check out a bunch of brand-new two-in-one wedding dresses here and tell us your thoughts on wearing multiple dresses:

Are you changing up your look between your ceremony and reception?

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Short wedding dresses have been a runway staple for a while now, but we were loving all the different brand-new options that appeared this season. Whether you’re looking for a fun reception dress or a style for an informal wedding at a restaurant or City Hall, check out these options and let us know your favorite!

wedding dress trends short wedding dresses, bridal market events navigation Dresses by (from left): Rivini, Encore by Watters, Reem Acra
Photos by Dan Lecca

So tell us:

Which short style is your favorite?

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