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3 Rainy Day Wedding Must-Haves

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 06, 2012

So the saying goes, “It’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day.” Symbolically, rain signifies unity, which means that a stronger bond is created when you are “tying the knot” in the rain. Water makes a knot harder to untie compared to a dry one. Just think: Your bond will not easily be broken. Even though rain is never quite welcome, being prepared is key. Here’s how you can keep dry with these rainy day wedding must-haves:

1. Rain boots: Treat your bridesmaids to a matching pair of rain boots that corresponds with their dress and don’t forget to get a pair for you and your husband.

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Photos (from top to bottom): The Feds Wedding Collection and Susan Stripling

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Real Rainy Day Wedding: Ashley + Wiebe

Posted by Jeffra on Oct 22, 2010

Ashley + Wiebe

August 2010

Washington State

From the Photographer: “This was a magical day. Another wedding right smack dab in the foot hills of Mt. Baker. Gorgeous, green, and a tad bit wet. I kept hearing myself say stuff like “ferry land” and “mystical”. There was seriously MIST at the ceremony…. it felt like a scene in Lord of the Rings… but in a much more romantic, dreamy way of course. The groom had family that traveled all the way from the Netherlands for this special event. The Netherland family blessed this couple by singing a lovely, endearing song during the ceremony. The reception took place just a few miles down the road at a rocking’ old barn. Everyone got down; grubbin’, laughing and dancing to celebrate this fantastic marriage. Wiebe and Ashley were so “ga-ga in love”, their saga goes all the way back to middle school sweethearts. Honestly, this weddings was A – MA -ZING!” -Aubrey Joy Photography

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From the Bride: “We did a lot of our wedding things ourselves, we both enjoy being creative and loved turning this wedding into a work of art that represented who we are as one. Putting up pictures in the barn was inspired by the idea of an artshow/walk gallery presentation to incorporate friends who did not experience the ceremony as a way to tie all of us together and share moments of our lives.” -Ashley

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