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Jessica and Ryan were married at Old Wide Awake Plantation in Hollywood, S.C. on September 14. Rain showers passed, and skies cleared just minutes before the ceremony was to begin under the towering moss-draped oak trees overlooking Stono River. The bride walked down the aisle wearing a sweetheart fit ‘n’ flare wedding dress, accessorized with a lush bouquet of garden roses, ranunculuses, and greenery, while the groom stood there waiting in a tan three-piece suit, accessorized with a cotton boutonniere. “When the Plantation Singers began the ceremony with ‘This Little Light of Mine,’ a wave of emotion spread over me like none other I’d ever felt,” Jessica said. “I was awash with joy and love. And as they sang, I looked back and saw Ryan (though he could not see me) and was completely overwhelmed by the moment. My eyes flooded with tears. Without my father’s reassurance, I would have lost it.” The reception followed on the plantation’s porch where each table was decorated with a vintage postcard, antique set, and favor boxes filled with almonds and benne wafers. Atop the cake was two bunny rabbits!

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Photography: Riverland Studios | Venue: Old Wide Awake Plantation | Event Planner: Margaret McKenzie | Floral Designer: WildFlowers, Inc. | Caterer: Hamby Catering & Events | Musicians: The Plantation Singers | Cake: Michaelangelo’s Kitchen | DJ: FingerSnappin’ Entertainment | Transportation: Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle Co. | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff | Groom’s Attire: Calvin Klein

Rachele & Michael 

August 23 

Charleston, South Carolina 


Q & A with the Bride: 

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

It wasn’t one thing, it was everything!  The plantation was stunning, and the on-site event contact Jessica was incredibly sweet and available to help in any way she could.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. Having the ceremony set outside on the Ashley River, under giant live oak trees draped with Spanish Moss.  It was simply beautiful.  It ended up starting to rain hard ten minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start, but then after five minutes, it stopped, the sky cleared, and everything got quiet.

2. The relaxing feel of the entire week leading up to wedding (we spent that week at a beach house on isle of palms with both our immediate families together) as well as the intimate feel of the wedding itself.  We only had 35 guests including the bridal party.  Everyone there was incredibly special to us and we got to spend time with each guest!

3. The rustic, vintage, feel of the décor.  We spent a lot of time formulating a simple, but chic vision and the outdoor lounge area, the dessert display framed by a collage of antique mirrors, and the chandeliers accented by hanging mason jars filled with flowers created that perfectly!

3. Give us the one moment in your wedding day you can’t stop thinking about. 

For my husband, it is our first dance.  We had taken a few dance lessons and had the teacher choreograph something so that people wouldn’t just be watching us sway back and forth for two minutes.  He loved getting to display some hidden talents.  My favorite moment was standing at the back of the lawn with my father waiting for our cue to walk down the aisle.  I loved having that quiet opportunity to stand back observe the wedding and everyone dear to us before getting sucked up into it myself.  It was like time stopped for a minute.

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Handsome Plaid Fall Plantation Wedding in Virginia

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 13, 2013

Rich & Michael  

October 22 

Goochland, Virginia


Q & A with the Couple: 

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

We only looked at four venues and Clover Forest was the last one we saw. We knew that as soon as we approached this long and winding driveway that this plantation built in the 1700s was perfectly in sync with our personal style. Everything from the grand interiors, the library with antique carpets and mahogany walls, the beautiful lawn, brick walkways and lake in the back, it was just the perfect place for us. We could easily imagine a perfect autumn day there with all of our friends and family, and trust me, we had to really use our imaginations since when we first saw the plantation, there were several feet of snow on the ground!

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. The overall plaid theme was by far our favorite detail. We’re both plaid-crazy guys, so we made sure to include that part of our style in the big day. Our custom-made suits were plaid. There were plaid table runners that we painstakingly sourced with our amazing event planner, and we even carried the menswear theme throughout to the table cards and stickers on the wedding favors (mini candy bins full of M&Ms), which were inspired by classic striped oxford shirts and men’s shirt labels. Even the cupcakes had plaid toppers.

2. We put a lot of attention into the food and drinks, which we also wanted to reflect our personalities. We had beautiful mini glasses of French fries for cocktail hour passed along with exotic dipping sauces, bacon wrapped dates (a favorite appetizer of ours), and we even wanted to have our favorite wines and other adult beverages with dinner.

3. With such an interesting array of friends and family, it was great to see some of them meet for the first time. We were absolutely touched that people literally came from near and far (from Virginia, New York City where we live, from Milan, London, Paris, and even one of our best friends who is a Marine, came home for the wedding from Afghanistan). The fusion of people, who mean so much to us, really made the day.

3. Give us the one moment from your wedding day you can’t stop thinking about.

Standing in a room of this grand old mansion and watching (from behind curtains) everyone arrive in their beautiful outfits and full of smiles was especially memorable and got the evening off to a great start. Then, we both remember the long walk from the house, through the gardens, and down to the ceremony site, walking to a hand-picked song by us that meant a lot (R.E.M.’s “At My Most Beautiful”). But, most of all, the vows were really memorable. We both spent a lot of time on them, and they were full of emotion as well as humor. Rich (a radio DJ by trade, someone who gets paid to talk each day) got choked up on the very first word — so much so, Michael had to do his vows first to get Rich through. It made each word all the more special. 

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Rustic Spring Plantation Wedding in Georgia

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 17, 2013

Crystal & Trey

May 18

Covington, Georgia


Q & A with the Bride:

1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

We were definitely a couple with a small budget, so the price was great. The theme and location of the venue is exactly what we wanted. We wanted a local outdoor wedding that our family and friends would be able to easily attend. It was also special to us because it’s a county-owned site, so we remembered taking field trips there as kids in school. Overall, it was just a great place for us, and it could not have been more beautiful!  

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

1. As our unity symbol, we made a braid. One of our favorite things to do together is rock climb. To tie that in, we used our rock climbing rope that we both learned how to tie a belay knot with.

2. One of our very special details was our foot washing ceremony during our ceremony. It was a symbol of our faith, and it showed how in our marriage we are committing to serve one another in a loving and caring way. 

3. Another favorite detail we had was our remembrance of our grandparents, who have passed on. We had 8×10 photos in frames of them sitting on the front rows during the ceremony. They were very special people in our lives so we wanted to make sure they were remembered in an important way at our wedding.

3. Give us the one moment in your wedding you can’t stop thinking about.

Our most special moment was our first kiss. It had been raining early that morning, so we were very nervous. It was partially cloudy all day as we kept our fingers crossed to at least hold off on the rain until the reception. Luckily, it worked! The rain held off and here is the special part: as we finished our first kiss, the clouds parted, and the sun was shining right on our faces. It was the cutest, most wonderful and perfect moment we could have asked for. Our guests could not stop talking about it!

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Rustic Fall Plantation Wedding in South Carolina

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 08, 2013

Erin & Jason

November 4

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina


From the photographer: 

“Magical is the best way to describe the day. Jason and Erin vowed to be together at the magnificent Boone Hall Plantation in front of their family and friends. Two people so devoutly in love, and two families so excited for their union. You couldn’t help but smile as Erin walked down the aisle. She shared silent moments with her Dad, and you noticed the moment when her smile turned into a kiss and a tear goodbye as her Dad gave her away. The reception started with more enthusiasm from guests than ever seen before. Friends joined them on the dance floor all night long. They danced, smiled, laughed and hugged until the music stopped. As Jason and Erin made their exit through sparklers, they stopped, shared a kiss and turned to their parents to thank them, which was a perfect ending to a perfect night.”

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