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Make it Mini: Hors d’oeuvres and Centerpieces

Posted by Jeffra on Feb 16, 2012

Planning an engagement party or bridal shower? Make the hors d’oeuvres and centerpieces mini with these fun “shot glass” ideas. Presenting the food makes a great presentation, and allows for people to easily have conversation without holding a fork and knife. Plus, who doesn’t want a mini milkshake or mini french toast. Yum! Food in Shot Glasses, ideas and trends food catering

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Stock the Bar Party

Posted by MeganH on Dec 04, 2008
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Crate and Barrel

Are you looking for a fun idea for an engagement party or couples shower? How about a Stock the Bar Party! The goal is to have a fully stocked bar at the conclusion of the evening. This includes glassware (wine glasses, martini glasses, rocks glasses, etc.); bar accessories (shaker, strainer, tray, wine carafe, ice bucket, etc.); and of course the beverages (wine, liquor, mixers, etc.).

It’s always nice to have a themed party so your guests know exactly what to bring. Many of these items will be on your wedding registry which also makes gift giving a bit easier.

Tip: Be sure to buy wine and liquor for the party itslef so you don’t have to open any of the gifts right away!

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