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Eco-Friendly Save the Dates

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 22, 2011

Get Eco-Friendly with your Save-the-Dates by printing them on FSC certified paper! Here are a few we found, but there are HUNDREDS of distributors that now print “green”!

Eco Friendly Save The Dates, wedding invitations green weddings events

1. SteelPetalPress (Letterpress printed on 100% recycled rag paper)

2. PapierLapin (Items are printed digitally using 100lb FSC certified papers manufactured with wind power and 100% post consumer fiber)

3. LaurenLoweDesign (They are printed on 110 lb brown fiber card stock made with Green-e renewable energy this paper contains FSC certified 100 percent post consumer fiber. No new trees are used)

4. (Premium 100% Recycled Paper. FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer waste manufactured with wind-power)

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Eco-Friendly Tips: Potted Centerpieces

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 05, 2011

It’s April! Which means we want to educate all of you on how to make your wedding decor a bit more eco-friendly. We know that most of you can’t make the entire thing organic and environmentally conscious, but as you’re planning, think about the small things you can do. We’re starting with potted centerpieces. Ask your florist the best way to go about this. They will be able to help you, and be able to present the flowers in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

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Potted Herbs | Colorful Potted Flowers | Box Potted Flowers | Potted Cacti | Crystal Potted Flowers

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Eco-Friendly DIY Details

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 29, 2010

Tips from the Green Bride Guide

Do-it-yourself projects can be a fun way to add eco-details and a personal touch to your wedding. Utilize your creative talents to decide what kinds of projects you can do, then green your DIY ideas by choosing repurposed, recycled, or vintage materials.

eco friendly sign, ideas and trends green weddings fresh ideas Photo Credit: Samantha Warren Weddings

Have beautiful penmanship? Create your own place cards from recycled cardstock. Crafty with a sewing machine? Stitch purses using reclaimed fabrics and give them as bridesmaids’ gifts. Have a penchant for paint? Repurpose old picture frames by painting them in fitting colors for your décor. Print or draw table numbers or menus on recycled paper to put inside the frame, or fill them with family or childhood pictures of you and your intended to decorate the ceremony or reception site.

eco friendly centerpieces, ideas and trends green weddings fresh ideas Photo Credit: Blueberry Photography

Green Your Decor

One time use décor pieces abound at weddings, and land in the trash can afterwards. Eco-friendly options are plentiful as well, though, and don’t require you to sacrifice on style or elegance.

An easy way to green your décor pieces is to incorporate natural elements. Wood pieces can be a great starting point for your natural décor. Fallen branches in the backyard can be collected and repurposed to create rustic ceremony adornments, or cut to become surprisingly elegant name card holders. You could even use a thin slice of wood as a uniquely beautiful ring pillow!

eco friendly, ideas and trends green weddings fresh ideas Photo Credit: AJH Photography

Rocks and stones offer a variety of colors and textures to suit your wedding’s style. Work them into centerpieces, line them up at the ceremony site to create an aisle (instead of a wasteful disposable aisle runner), or use a water-based paint pen on them to create place cards without paper.

eco friendly place cards, ideas and trends green weddings fresh ideas Photo Credit: Tinywater Photography

Coordinate the use of natural elements with the season of your wedding, and your eco-chic décor possibilities are limitless: richly colored leaves in the fall, pinecones in the winter, beach sand and shells in the summer…you get the idea. These items can be composted or simply returned to nature after the celebration.

When You Can’t Reduce, Reuse or Recycle, Offset

So, you’ve planned your wedding and made some eco-friendly choices along the way. You’ve put together an elegant celebration that showcases your personal style, and isn’t so hard on the earth. All the green choices you’ve made, no matter how small, will make a difference in lessening your wedding’s impact. If you’d like to take things one step further, consider offsetting the carbon impact of your wedding. Use a carbon calculator to determine your wedding’s impact, and then purchase carbon credits through an organization like Brighter Planet or Carbon Fund. You can offset the overall carbon impact of your wedding day, and/or take into consideration your guests’ travel and any travel you might be doing for your honeymoon as well.

eco friendly bride and groom, ideas and trends green weddings fresh ideas Photo Credit: W. Scott Chester Photography

The average engaged couple has so many choices to make for their wedding day, and making those choices with the earth in mind is simple and often budget-friendly. Best of all, you can begin your sustainable marriage with a beautiful and sustainable wedding celebration.

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Style Defined

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 29, 2010

(Guest Blog Post: Eco-Beautiful Weddings)

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So many wedding magazines and blogs have tried to take their own spin on what going green for your wedding day means. Unfortunately, with so many different points of view about what makes a green wedding, the choices can become overwhelming and downright difficult. An eco-friendly wedding is defined by you and where you are. Pretty simple if you take the time to think about it.

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The basics of going green for your wedding truly depends on your geography and what is available locally. There has been a huge misconception for years that eco-friendly weddings were either cheap or way too expensive due to organic menus. A green wedding can be any budget! No – you don’t have to have a backyard vegan barbeque for your wedding to go green. You also don’t have to spend a fortune on organic food. The choices are widening and more vendors are going green. Simply ask your vendors questions. Find out if your vendors are buying locally or using eco-friendly office procedures and products. Buying organic does not necessarily mean it is eco-friendly, especially if those items have to be trucked or flown in from a far away place. On the other hand, not all local produce and flowers are eco-friendly either due to the incessant amount of pesticides that certain regions require. The key is to use common sense and make sensible choices while asking the right questions. If buying local fish is better than buying local flowers laden with pesticides – go with the fish and ask your florist about using flowers from another source that is eco-friendly.

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Your wedding can be anywhere from light green to dark green depending on how many elements are eco-friendly. If each bride and groom took at least one element of their wedding and made it green, it could literally the change the world! Having a beautiful wedding while changing the world at the same time is what being green is all about!

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About our Guest Blogger:

katie headshot thumb, uncategorized Katie Martin is one of the world’s leading eco-friendly wedding experts.  She has owned and operated Elegance & Simplicity, Inc. since 1998.  Her firm has designed 1000’s of eco-friendly events and has been heralded internationally by magazines, newspapers, blogs and other forms of media. Ms. Martin is also the Editor-in-Chief of Eco-Beautiful Weddings® Online Magazine & Blog.  She has 3 books that will hit bookshelves in 2010:

  • Everything Mother of the Bride Book, 2nd Edition – On bookshelves now!
  • Everything Wedding Book, 4th Edition – On bookshelves, Fall 2010
  • Eco-Beautiful Weddings® – On bookshelves 2010

Real Eco-Friendly Wedding: Erin + Greg

Posted by Jeffra on Apr 22, 2010

Erin + Greg

October 2010

Erin wore a ‘recycled’ vintage family wedding gown that was worn by her grandmother and aunt, altered slightly for a more modern fashion sensibility. A photo tribute of brides in the heirloom dress let guests appreciate its family significance. A welcome table on the front lawn greeted guests with hot spiced cider and tea cookies. Handcrafted escort cards hung by clothes pins on a twine line between massive front lawn trees. Tables dressed with linen and burlap overlays, fall flowers, twigs, berries, pumpkin and gourds were named for Nashville landmarks and identified with art collage table numbers. A harvest-inspired home style dinner with locally sourced southern cuisine began with biscuits, butter and jam pre-set on the tables and ended with wedding cake and home made pie.

Real Weddings Erin+Greg, real weddings ideas and trends green weddings Real Weddings Erin+Greg 2, real weddings ideas and trends green weddings


Wedding venue:  Cedarwood

Floral and design:  Cedarwood

Photos:  Jim Veezy Photography

Favors:  The Nature Conservancy

Here are a few ways this eco-conscious couple reduced their wedding imprint on the environment:

  1. Having the ceremony and reception at the same venue eliminated travel emissions and the couple provided shuttles for out of town guests to reduce traffic
  2. Instead of traditional favors, Erin and Greg purchased carbon offset contributions through the Nature Conservancy
  3. Outdoor settings for the ceremony and celebration saved energy
  4. No plastic!  All food service and bar ware were re-usable china and glassware. The venue also recycles and composts organic materials from their flower design studio and catering kitchen
  5. Served beer by the barrel (kegs) purchased product from a local brewery instead of bottles to reduced landfill waste.  No bottled water – the venue provided chilled filtered water instead
  6. Cedarwood designers included seasonal produce and flowers from the farmer’s market as part of their ‘farm fresh’ arrangements of natural, renewable flowers and greenery for wedding décor

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