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Lauren & Shawn

May 5

Private Home, Merritt Island, Florida


Our Q&A with the Bride:

What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

We got married at my mom and step-dad’s historic house.  It was the perfect location because it is home.  The house is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a wedding.  It was also special because my mom and step-dad were married there too.

Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

I worked really hard to make our wedding special, personal, and also budget friendly. During the planning for the wedding I found out that I was a lot craftier than I ever knew.  One of my favorite things ended up being my bouquet.  I made it myself out of antique brooches and earrings, a lot of which originally belonged to family members and friends. It made it that much more special knowing that people who loved us contributed to it.  I also made about 300 pinwheels, some for favors, some for centerpieces and some for cupcakes and they were precious.  I made all of our centerpieces also, I used mismatched vases, candle sticks,  and votives that I collected from antique stores, yard sales and thrift stores.  I also painted some myself and even layered some mason jars with fabric.  We had pictures of Shawn and I as children on each table as well.  My step-mom made all my table number pennants and everything came together beautifully, I loved our table arrangements!

If you could offer one piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

As complicated and stressful as planning a wedding can be I really tried to not let any of it get to me. I knew that things weren’t going to be perfect and that was okay.  Also, make the wedding personal.  More than anything, I wanted our family and friends to leave our wedding and say “Wow! That was definitely Lauren & Shawn’s wedding!” We had so many personal details that it made it so much more fun and unique!

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