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A few budget saving tips

Posted by Brian on Mar 14, 2008

As I drove into work today, I saw that gas has risen to $3.36 a gallon!  It got me thinking about how the costs of anything that needs to be transported (i.e. flowers, food, people) are increasing.  And since the wedding industry is filled with small businesses that don’t have the huge budgets of a national company, many may have to pass on some of the cost to their customers: you the bride.  I’m not saying all wedding vendors will, but some may have to.  So for today, I thought I’d pass on some budget saving ideas to help cut your costs:

  • Consider having your ceremony and reception at the same location
  • Do you own hair and makeup
  • Use online RSVP with your wedding website (hint hint: we offer that free) rather than send RSVP cards
  • Use fewer flowers and more candles or even buy silk flowers
  • Make your own centerpieces (there’s lots of great DIY projects out there)
  • Combine favors and place cards
  • Only have your cake/cupcakes for dessert (I see so much dessert get wasted anyway)
  • Only serve beer and wine and limit bar time if need be
  • And think about getting married during the day or on a sunday

There’s lots of ways to cut costs, but the idea here is be smart with your money right now and be conscious if your guests have to drive or fly a ways to get to your wedding.  You can still have a great wedding and spend less.

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