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Trends We Love: Flower Adorned Cakes

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 14, 2012

Photos (clockwise from top left): Sophisticated Floral Designs & Accessories, KWP Weaver, Caroline Ghetes Photography and Cake Zen 

There’s nothing more creative and simple than incorporating a floral design into your wedding cake. Traditionally, wedding cakes were adorned with fresh flowers, but nowadays, couples are also adorning their cake with silk flowers instead. As long as you choose a floral design that accents your wedding theme, it’s bound to look beautiful. Are you using fresh flowers or silk flowers? Let us know in the comments below.

3 Delicious Dessert Displays

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 01, 2012

Having trouble deciding how to display your desserts? Here are three delicious dessert displays we can’t resist:

1. Tasty Themes: When you’re picking out desserts for your dessert table, pick a theme. Whether it’s fruit, your favorite color or a combination of both, incorporate that theme into your cupcakes, brownies, cookies, jam and any other tasty treats. Tip: Arrange your desserts on various platters of differing heights. This creates a more compelling visual for your guests.

Photo: The Sunday Sweet

2. Wine Barrels: Remember we mentioned how you can use wine barrels as aisle markers. Well, you can use them for your dessert table too! It’s easy–simply secure a piece of wood on top of two wine barrels. Tip: Perfect for any outdoor, rustic wedding!

Photo: Central Coast Tent & Party

3. Matching Backgrounds: If you’re having an indoor reception, consider the existing decor that your venue already has. Design your cake after the wallpaper or use an antique dresser they may have to display your desserts. Tip: Take advantage of what your venue has to offer. There’s nothing wrong with coordinating! After all, that’s why you choose it, right?

Photo: Sweet Heather Anne 

For more dessert display inspiration, check out our photo gallery.

Olympics Week: Gold and Silver Wedding Cakes

Posted by Kim on Jul 31, 2012

Like many of you, we’re obsessed with all things Olympics this week! When we’re not watching Ryan Lochte swim or Gabby Douglas flip, we’re thinking about all things gold and silver for weddings. Today, we’re featuring some truly medal-worthy wedding cakes featuring gold and silver details.

Top row (from left to right): Cake by Sweet Art Bakery; Cake by The Bake Shoppe; Cake by Elegantly Iced
Bottom row (from left to right): Cake by Legacy Cakes; Cake by Erica O’Brien Cake Design; Cake by Blue Note Bakery

Six Cake Ideas We Love

Posted by Jeffra on Jun 20, 2011

Top Wedding Cake Inspirations in 2010

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 28, 2010

{From Real Wedding by f5 Photography}

{From Style Shoot by Photographix}

{From Real Wedding by Trent Bailey}

{From Real Wedding by My Life Photo}

{From Real Wedding by Dave & Charlotte}

{From Real Wedding by BRC Photography}

{From Real Wedding by Kevin Milz Photo}

{From Style Shoot by My Life Photo}

{From Real Wedding by AE Pictures}

{From Real Wedding by f5 Photography}

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