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Yesterday, we asked you to guess which ring style is most popular among WeddingWire users – classic, vintage or modern? Most of you guessed that classic engagement rings are the most popular. Want to know the real answer? Click the View More button to see!

paige winn photoPhoto by Paige Winn Photo

Last week, we asked you to try to figure out which engagement ring cut is the most popular among WeddingWire couples. Today, we want to see if you can guess which ring style our users are loving.

What ring style is most popular?

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Check back on Friday to see the results!

Weekly Wedding Quiz: Diamond Cuts Results!

Posted by Kim on Jun 27, 2013

WW-jewelry-surveyYesterday, we asked you to guess which ring cut is most popular among WeddingWire users – princess, emerald, round, or cushion? Most of you guessed that round diamonds are the hot cut. Want to know the real answer? Click the View More button to see!

McLaughlin_Milyanovich_FCN_Photography_IMG6651finals_lowPhoto by FCN Photography

Recently, WeddingWire asked couples to share all the inside details about shopping for an engagement ring and we want to you to guess how they responded! We’ll share the actual results tomorrow, but for now, tell us what you think:

Which diamond cut do you think is most popular among WeddingWire users?

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When should a couple start thinking about insurance?

Considering that at this point in a bride’s life, an engagement ring is likely her second-most valuable possession (behind her car), ring insurance is extremely important. Not only are engagement and wedding rings often costly, they are sentimentally priceless, making personal jewelry insurance even more important. No matter how careful you are, jewelry can be lost or damaged. Ideally, a newly engaged couple should obtain engagement or wedding ring insurance at the time they purchase the rings, but if a ring is uninsured or under-insured it’s never too late to get a policy.

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