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Congrats! You’re engaged! Our advice: celebrate with a little treat for yourself before the wedding planning process completely consumes you. From stylish agendas to sentimental jewelry, the items in this round-up are lovely, functional, and all-around perfect for every bride-to-be. (Psst—There’s even something in there for a groom-to-be as well!)


28 Sleek And Sexy Short Hair Wedding Styles

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 17, 2014


Photos Courtesy of (from left to right): Renee Loiz Makeup

Brides, don’t be afraid to show off your cute chin-length cut! Even though it can be quite the dicey dilemma (it’s too short to wear up, and not long enough to wear down), that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with a few of your favorite things to wow the crowd. See more sleek and sexy ‘dos here.

4 Makeup Shortcuts For Glowing Wedding Day Skin

Posted by Caitlin on Aug 12, 2014


Photo Courtesy of Event Crush 

Glowing-from-within skin you see on Victoria Secret and J.Crew models? Our Beauty Editor will level with you here — that starts long before you sit down with a hair and makeup artist. A daily skincare routine (combine with a healthy diet and exercise) is the most crucial component.  In the weeks leading up to the big day, schedule a facial, incorporate an exfoliant one to two times a day, and use a hydrating mask. All that being said, there are still a few crunch-time products to rely on. Find out here .

5 Easy Ways to Convert Your Wedding Hairstyle

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 30, 2014


Photo Courtesy of Behind the Veil, LLC

It’s not pretty, but it happens. What started as an ethereal spill of curls has turned a bit sweaty and limp as you broke it down low on the dance floor. Or an intricately, bobby-pinned updo comes a little too undone as guests lifted you high up on chairs in random spurts of celebration. Either way, there are fall-back fixes if you find yourself in need of a new wedding hairstyle with nary an expert in sight.

6 Expert Tips For Applying False Eyelashes

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 24, 2014


Photo Courtesy of: Shaune Hayes DC Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

The key to almost every Pinterest-worthy bridal beauty look? Lush, full strips or individual flares — which are, more often than not, amped up by a little fauxness. If you’re intimidated by false lashes, (maybe you’ve never worn them before?) there’s no need to be. We asked six WeddingWire hair and makeup artists from around the country to give us insider advice on just how to get that instant eye-opening power. Read more here.

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