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I’m wearing a gown that I purchased at a sample sale and there are a few small, barely-visible makeup stains inside the bodice and the hem is a little  dusty. Should I just spot-clean the gown or have the entire dress cleaned?

Sally Conant of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists says: If you want to look perfect on your wedding day, then the answer is yes, do have your entire gown cleaned.  Spot cleaning is rarely good enough because sample dresses usually have a little wear and tear throughout.  After all, they have been hanging for a while.  When you remove a “spot” from such a dress, that area is often brighter than the rest of the gown.

It’s much better to have the entire gown professionally cleaned, and if your gown needs to be altered, be sure to have it cleaned before alterations. Then if there is a little shrinkage or a spot cannot be removed, the problem can be solved in the alterations process.

Some tips for finding the person you can trust to care for your gown:

1.  Look for someone who specializes in wedding gowns and does the cleaning in his or her own facility – never someone who sends gowns away for cleaning.

2.  Ask if the Specialist has had special training or belongs to a professional association.

3.  Ask the Specialist how the beads and other fragile decorations will be protected during the cleaning process.

When your gown has been professionally cleaned and pressed, it will be stuffed with a bodice form as well as tissue to keep it wrinkle-free until the day of the wedding.  It will look fresh and bright, perfect for your wedding day.  For more tips on gown care, visit the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

Top 12 Beach Wedding Dresses, Fall 2014

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 08, 2013

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Dress Designers (from left to right): Kelly Faetanini and Christos 

New York Bridal Market‘s Fall 2014 collections were full of wedding dresses that are light, airy, and comfortable — perfect for a destination wedding under the sun with your toes in the sand and ocean as your backdrop. Whether you’re looking for a modern v-neck, casual sweetheart (in green!), or bohemian beaded capped sleeves, here’s a photo gallery of our top 12 favorite beach wedding dresses to inspire you.

bridal market runway videos 1, wedding dress ideas and trends Dresses by (clockwise from top left): Augusta Jones, photo by Todd Matarazzo; Allure Bridals, photo by Robert Mitra; Olia Zavozina, photo by Todd Matarazzo; Martina Liana, photo by Robert Mitra

When shopping for a wedding dress, it’s important to consider a gown’s silhouette, details and style, but it’s essential to see how the dress moves. How will the gown look as you walk down the aisle? To help you out with this, we exclusively filmed 10 designer collections from the Fall 2014 New York Bridal Market at Pier 94. From Augusta Jones’ romantic and classic creations to Roz la Kelin‘s regal and flattering gowns, there’s truly something for everyone. Visit our Fashion Ideas section to view all of the videos, and tell us your favorite in the comments!

Kelly Clarkson Wedding Dress Lookalikes

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 06, 2013

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Dress Designers (from left to right): Eve of Milady and Pnina Tornai

After years of belting out our fave “Miss Independent”-without-him and ”Since You Been Gone” break-up ballads, American Idol songstress Kelly Clarkson officially married talent manager Brandon Blackstock in an intimate Tennessee farm wedding on Oct. 20, 2013. She walked down the aisle wearing Temperley London’s ‘Jessamine’ gown and a Maria Elena headpiece. Not to mention a bouquet full of sunflowers and bluebonnets. Love her romantic meets rock-n-roll look? (We do too!) Here’s a photo gallery of 10 lookalikes you can wear to mimic her style.

10 Questions to Ask a Bridal Salon

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 01, 2013

By: Sarah Zlotnick 

10 questions to ask a bridal salon, wedding dress ideas and trends etiquette advice

Photo: Hitched

No way around it — your wedding day ensemble is going to be one of the most memorable outfits of your life. And we’re here to help you through the gown selection process! Start by finding salons near you using WeddingWire’s vendor catalog, then whittle down where you’ll actually shop using these 10 helpful questions.

1. Are you by appointment only? Shopping for a wedding dress is not like shopping at the Gap — and it shouldn’t be. Bridal is one of the few realms of fashion where couture sensibilities still apply, and that means you’ll likely be trying on samples of gowns styles and then placing an order. That attention to detail requires dedicated time with a dedicated sales associate, and for that, my dears, you will likely need to schedule a time to visit.

2. Do you carry my designer? Most brides these days do some gown research before heading into a shop (you can start yours by using our searchable dress galleries or getting inspired by our Fashion Ideas section). This means they have a general idea of what — and more importantly, what designer — they’d like to wear. Before you book a slot at your local salon, check to see if the designers they carry match up with your list / overall aesthetic. If you know there’s only one designer for you, it’s worth checking directly with the brand to see when / where their next trunk show will be in your area.

Also important: Ensuring your store is an authorized retailer for your dress designer. If it isn’t, you run the risk of purchasing a knock-off gown that could be of lesser quality and that can’t be set to the original maker should something be wrong with it after delivery.

3. What is your price range? Sticking to a dress budget can become mighty difficult when you fall in love with a gown before looking at the tag. if you don’t want to risk the temptation, it helps to stick to shops where the majority of options fit your affordability scale.

4. What should I bring with me? Our general advice is heels, a strapless bra, seamless underwear, and shape wear. But some salons have undergarments available for you to use during your appointment, and others might request a makeup free face to prevent gowns from staining. Make sure you’re as prepared as possible by checking before you head in.

5. Who should I bring with me? Many brides opt to bring their mother and one or more members of their bridal party, but your salon might not have space to accommodate everyone. Ensure a comfortable, stress-free environment by whittling down your shopping party accordingly.

6. What’s included in the price? Some shops include alteration, taxes, and delivery fees in their original price, while others add them on a la carte after the initial gown purchase. These extra fees can drastically impact your dress budget, so be sure to get a feel for all the steps you’ll be paying for before committing to a gown.

7. What’s the payment process? The majority of salons ask for an initial deposit (around half the price of the gown), and then request the second portion of the payment after alterations have been completed. Ask ahead of time so you can budget accordingly in your wedding spending. Unfun, but also worth inquiring about: the cancellation policy. Should something go awry on your way to the altar, it can’t hurt to know how long you have to request a refund.

8. How do fittings/alterations work? The dress you settle on in-store is typically a sample gown. After you select a style, the salon will then place an order for yours, and, after a few weeks of waiting for delivery, the alterations begin. It’s important to understand how your salon handles this process before committing to purchasing there. Are alterations done in house or do you have to coordinate with a separate seamstress? How many fittings do brides typically undergo? What’s the cost for alterations? How many weeks should you allow for the whole ordeal? These are just a few of the important details to get straight.

9. Can I customize my gown? You love a dress, but you would be completely sold on it if only it had sleeves / more sequins / straps / a different bodice / whatever. If you’re working with a smaller salon (or even one with a whiz of a seamstress), you may be able to pay extra to pull off changes beyond alterations to your wedding gown. Brides that are very particular about their personal style will definitely benefit from asking about these possibilities ahead of time.

10. What do I do with my dress after the wedding? Take it to a preservationist, of course! Ask your salon for a referral in your area.

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