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50 Romantic Love Quotes For Your Wedding

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 28, 2014

50 romantic quotes for your wedding, wedding ceremony ideas and trends etiquette advice

Having trouble writing your vows? We get it — love isn’t easy to explain. That’s why WeddingWire’s editorial team has gathered the most witty and wisest quotes, from historians to authors and celebrities to TV and movie characters, to inspire you! Read more here.

64 Ceremony Program Ideas

Posted by Caitlin on Dec 12, 2013

64 wedding ceremony program ideas, wedding ceremony stationery ideas and trends

Photo: Keepsake Memories Photography

Having a ceremony program will help inform your guests of many things — agenda, names of bridal party, parents, officiant, musicians, and of course, pets. Don’t know which style to choose? Take a look at our photo gallery to help you decide.

11 Questions to Ask an Officiant

Posted by Caitlin on Oct 25, 2013

genesa richards photography 1, wedding ceremony ideas and trends etiquette advice

Photo: Genesa Richards Photography

Like everything else on your wedding day, your ceremony should be a deeply personal experience that reflects both you and your significant other’s values and style. Whether your ceremony is religious or not, having the right person to guide you toward a ceremony that’s special and meaningful is crucial. Check out WeddingWire’s vendor reviews to find officiants near you, then use these questions to help guide your initial discussion.

1. Are you free on my wedding date? Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that the person can perform the wedding on your big day.

2. Do you only perform weddings at a specific venue (house of worship) or will you be able to come to my venue? Some officiants will only perform ceremonies in their house of worship, and won’t travel to other venues. If you want to have your wedding at a house of worship, this won’t be an issue, but if you’re planning on hosting a ceremony at a different location, this is an important question.

3. Are you licensed to perform a wedding in the state where we’ll be marrying? Your officiant should be ordained and licensed to perform marriages in your state.

4. How much do you charge? If you’re marrying in a church or house of worship, a couple will usually make a donation in lieu of actually paying the officiant directly. If the officiant works on more of a “freelance” basis, they’ll have a fee, plus any travel or other expenses.

5. How many times/how often should we meet before the wedding? This varies from officiant to officiant. Some require premarital counseling, others just want to meet once or twice before the wedding to discuss the ceremony.

6. How long have you been performing ceremonies? Find out about the officiant’s experience, and how many weddings he or she has performed. While this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, it’s good to know.

7. What do you love most about being an officiant? This is a good way to get a sense of the officiant’s personality.

8. How much can we personalize our ceremony? Would you allow us to write our own vows and incorporate readings? Some religious ceremonies are quite strict and may not allow much customization, but other ceremonies are a bit more flexible.

9. How long does a ceremony typically take? For planning purposes, it’s good to know how long your ceremony will be – it can vary greatly from officiant to officiant.

10. Can you provide a sample of a ceremony you did for another couple, either in writing or on video? Get a sense of what a typical ceremony looks and sounds like. How much input did the couple have? Did it feel personal and special?

11. What happens in case of an emergency? Make sure that there is a backup plan in case the officiant gets sick or there is some other unforeseen issue.

Summer Ceremony Decor: Get With The Programs!

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 25, 2013

by Leeor Pilo

Although ceremony programs are not entirely essential, your guests may be grateful for them as they answer important questions about your big day! No more worrying about who’s who in your wedding party and what’s on the schedule, your guests can relax and enjoy the full impact of your ceremony. Plus with an array of unique ideas, you can be as straightforward or creative as you like. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Board - Rather than going the paper route, many couples are opting for the non-traditional board to communicate to guests all the important ceremony information they need. This is a great option to save paper, prevent any rattling pages as the ceremony takes place and saves time on clean up!


summer ceremony programs, wedding ceremony stationery ideas and trends

Photo: Continuum Weddings

Book or Pamphlet -This is the most traditional and common program style. Yet with so many designs out there, it’s easy to make it truly unique to you and your wedding style. Book and pamphlet programs also make great keepsakes for your guests to remember your big day.

booklet pamphlet program, wedding ceremony stationery ideas and trends

Photos (from left to right): Lisa Lefkowitz and RJSTILLS

Fan - Perfect for a hot summers day—this program design will keep your guests cool and comfortable while sharing the details of your ceremony.

ceremony programs fans.fw , wedding ceremony stationery ideas and trends

Photos (from left to right): OneLove Photography and King Street Studios

Fun & Games - Why not think outside the box and provide something fun & entertaining for your guests. This is a great way for guests to learn about the couple and keeps spirits up and cheery throughout the ceremony!

fun ceremony program.fw , wedding ceremony stationery ideas and trends

Photo: Tiffiney Photography

Are You Writing Your Own Vows?

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 24, 2013

Since you’re personalizing your summer wedding ceremony with aisle markers, arches or altar arrangements, and programs, why not consider writing your own vows too. First things first, decide if you want to recite separate or identical lines full of love, promises and memories (or inside jokes). Be specific! Your words may be different, but the tone should be the same. It’s about making a pact — an agreement that will last “until death do us part” — approximately one to three minutes long for your guests’ sake. Remember, practice beforehand in a natural, low key voice to keep you calm, and during the exchange, it’s okay to shed a tear or two.

What did you include in your wedding vows? Share in the comments below!

Are you writing your own vows?

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