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When you’re choosing your menu, you’ll need to consider whether your wedding will be casual or formal. It’s important that the food you serve matches the feel and style of the event. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Casual: Food trucks are all the rage in cities around U.S., so it was only a matter of time before this trend spread to weddings. Instead of serving a plated dinner or buffet, hire a few food trucks to create their specialties and allow guests to casually stroll from truck to truck. If you don’t live in an area with food trucks for hire, ask your caterer to create cocktail stations with fare inspired by the cuisine often served on trucks. We’re thinking Korean bulgogi tacos, lobster rolls, and empanadas.

Formal: Usually, a seated, plated dinner with three or four courses is the norm at a formal wedding reception. However, here’s a new twist – a multi-course tasting menu featuring small composed one or two bite plates. Yes, it’s a little out-of-the-box but it’s a fun idea for Top Chef fans and foodies. This meal style would likely work best for smaller, more intimate wedding receptions.

What type of cuisine are you serving at your reception? Let us know in the comments!

Hors D’Oeuvres Trends

Posted by Kim on Feb 04, 2013

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When sketching out your wedding budget, you can expect to spend about half on your catering and venue. So it’s super-important to find a caterer you’re happy with and select food that you are excited to eat. But it’s not all about how your food tastes (even though that’s a big part of it!) – finding fun, creative, and user-friendly ways to present your meal is essential. This is especially true during cocktail hour, when your guests are trying to balance mingling, drinking, and eating all at once. That’s why we’re fans of these hors d’oeuvres which can be eaten with one hand.

Soup Shooters: Choose your favorite soup, but serve it in a tiny glass for easy sipping. Depending on the season, you can serve hot (chicken consomme with mini matzo balls, anyone?) or cold (tomato gazpacho) varieties.

“One Bites” on a Spoon: If you’ve been watching the new TV show “The Taste,” you probably know that it’s completely possible to create a composed dish with layers of flavor on a small spoon.

Anything on a Stick: From Asian chicken to macaroni and cheese to sushi, many of your favorite hors d’oevures can be put on a stick for easy eating.

Cones: They’re not just for ice cream anymore! Serve tuna tartare, smoked salmon, even barbeque chicken in waffle cones so guests can eat them with just one hand.

Two-in-Ones: Grilled cheese and tomato soup, mini hot dogs and beer – think about items that go well together and stack ‘em!

What hors d’oeuvres are you serving at your wedding? Tell us in the comments!

Quick Tip: Plan that each guest will eat six to eight hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour – and make sure you have some extras!

Healthy Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding Day

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 22, 2013

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, no matter which one-of-a-kind, custom-fit dress she bought, but in order to look her best, she needs to feel her best too. ¬†Starting a regime of eating better and exercising months or weeks before your wedding will help you and your future hubby look healthy and feel refreshed the day of. Here are our top picks (and skips) to eat before and after saying, “I do.”

1. Oatmeal 

For breakfast, enjoy a bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with chia seeds. The oatmeal keeps your blood-sugars steady and absorbes glucose while the chia seeds, which are the highest source of omega-3′s, keep your skin glowing from head to toe.

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Winter Signature Cocktails

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 26, 2012

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Photos (clockwise from top left): Martha Stewart Weddings, Charles Masters and Bravo

Are you searching for a winter signature cocktail for your wedding? We’ve picked our favorite signature cocktails of the season: candy cane martini, classic eggnog, cranberry champagne (especially for New Year’s Eve) and Bailey’s hot chocolate (to keep your guests warm). Aromas of peppermint, cinnamon and chocolate are bound to fill the air with these cocktail ideas. Cheers!

Winter Cake Inspiration

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 19, 2012


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Photos (clockwise from top left): Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design, Sweet and Saucy Shop, Tallevi Studios, Logrono Cake Design

Now that fall is coming to an end, winter color palettes of white, gold, red, green and black will be featured in lots of weddings-and even on cakes. Fall in love with these winter-inspired cakes that have pine cones and branches as rustic accents, fresh red roses and holly berries and all that glitters gold. You can have any of these combinations to add character to your cake. In fact, you can get even more in the spirit of the holidays by choosing a distinct cake flavor like pumpkin spice, gingerbread, caramel buttercream or chocolate peppermint. These flavorful cakes will make it hard for your guests to resist having seconds. For more inspiration, check out our winter wedding cakes photo gallery.

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