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What To Do When The Invitation Has No Dress Code?

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 12, 2014

what to do when the invitation has no dress code, wedding guests ideas and trends etiquette advice

Photo: Natalie Franke Photography

You’re stuck in a sticky situation: there’s no specific attire information anywhere to be found. What’s a plus one supposed to wear with his/her significant other? Before you go shopping for this shindig, resort to our Fashion Editor’s checklist on how to crack the dress code.

7 Signs Your Engagement Is Right Around The Corner

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 10, 2014

7 signs your engagement is right around the corner, ideas and trends etiquette advice engagement photos ideas and trends navigation

Photo: Walking Eagle Photography

It doesn’t matter if you are high school sweethearts, who have been together for a decade, or more recently met through an online dating website, there’s no real timeline for how long a relationship should last before the question is officially popped. Need some help sensing your engagement (and bling) is right around the corner? Read our Advice Editor’s seven hints here.

8 Types of Mother-of-the-Bride (Or Groom)

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 06, 2014

8 types of mother of the bride or groom, ideas and trends etiquette advice

Photo: b. flint photography 

Perhaps one of the worst parts of wedding planning is dealing with family members. Talk about D-R-A-M-A! Most of the time but not all of the time, it is caused from the mother-of-the-bride- or -groom. Is she the “I’m staying out of it,” “It’s all about me,” “I’m your bestie,” “I’m paying; you better listen,” or “My baby is growing up” type? Find out how to keep the peace here.

Blog image halloween, ideas and trends etiquette advice

Happy Halloween! We celebrated yesterday at WeddingWire headquarters with an array of creative costumes from Hungry, Hungry Hippos to Pigs in a Blanket and Cards Against Humanity to Michael Jackson and Robin Williams (R.I.P.). Scary, right? Only if it’s an engaged couple whose planning has turned into a nightmare. Before you unwrap any candy bars to soothe your sorrows, learn how to deal with these 10 tricky (and treaty) situations here.

14 Things Every Wedding Guest Should Know

Posted by Caitlin on Oct 30, 2014

Blog image guests, wedding guests ideas and trends etiquette advice

So, an invitation came in the mail. Mark the date on the calendar because you are going to a WEDDING in a little over or under a year! First time? Don’t fret. Our Advice Editor will tell you everything you need to know: 1. Check the wedding website before picking up the phone. 2. Book travel as far in advance as possible. 3. Consider the dress code. 4. Be on time for the shuttle bus. 5. Pay attention to announcements. Read the rest of her helpful tips here.

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