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Wedding Traditions with a Twist

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 23, 2014

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While we’re all about respecting wedding traditions here at WeddingWire, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to put your own spin on things. From hosting the cocktail hour before the ceremony, to having both parents walk you down the aisle (not just Dad!), there are many ways to change up these age-old traditions. WeddingWire FallBook 2014 gives you 14 wedding traditions with a twist to make your nuptials uniquely you!

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Fun fact: The average couple spends about 39 percent of their budget on wedding catering — more than any other vendor. WeddingWire’s FallBook 2014 features the ultimate catering guide with everything you need to know about food and drinks from over 30 experts like the differences between passed vs. stationery hors d’ouevres and plated vs. buffet dinner.

The Ultimate Groom’s Guide

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 12, 2014

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Let’s keep this short and sweet — WeddingWire’s FallBook 2014 features the ultimate groom’s guide with everything a guy needs to know about weddings. From figuring out where the money comes to getting on the same page about the big things early on and taking on tasks you care about (don’t pick fights about the ones you don’t) to weighing in when asked, he will definitely learn how to be kick @$$.

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Over the next few weeks, our very own WeddingWire editors will be providing answers to those tough etiquette questions that Facebook followers might not know how to address. Third up, Maureen asks: “How [do you] communicate where you are registered for gifts if you are not having a bridal shower?” Find out the answer here.

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Photos (from left to right): Katelyn James Photography

In our tech-obsessed society, it’s hard to imagine any kind of major life event happening without our gadgets in hand. Some couples have started asking guests to leave their smart phones at home and be in the moment as they celebrate. While we love the idea of being unplugged, there are plenty of other opportunities for that (like your honeymoon). From paparazzi candids to your own wedding hashtag, there are many reasons to keep them handy all night long. See the complete list here.

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