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Real Maryland Engagement Photos: Caitlin and Brian

Posted by Caitlin on Aug 08, 2014


Photos (from left to right): Krista A. Jones Photography

Can you guess where these two lovebirds got engaged? During an afternoon hike at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve overlooking the Potomac River. “Brian kept getting ahead of me on the trail until he decided to take a break atop an oversized rock,” Caitlin said. “I was hesitant at first to climb (more like crawl) to get to it, but he was adamant.” It was no surprise that their engagement session took place near the water too.  “Fun fact: The Chesapeake Maritime Museum is right next door to the Inn at Perry Cabin where The Wedding Crashers was filmed,” she said. View more photos here.

Real Florida Engagement Photos: Rebecca and Justin

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 10, 2014


Photo: Black & Hue Photography

Can you guess where these two lovebirds got engaged? Amongst a sea of Christmas trees with the help of a typography poster printed with Avett Brothers lyrics. “I have always known that I wanted to take engagement photos where I grew up at my family’s farm in Juniper,” Rebecca said. “We wanted to incorporate several different outfits and liked the idea of using rich colors that would look nice in an outdoor area in the fall.” Notice the glowing sunset? View more photos here.

7 Hints For A Happy Marriage

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 16, 2014


Marriage lasts a lifetime. It takes work, a lot of work! That’s why we reached out to officiants, husband and wife photographers, and forums to share some of their best-kept secrets to success in WeddingWire’s SummerBook 2014. Our favorite blurb? “Always put each other first before yourself! Learn to accept that neither you nor your spouse is perfect and learn to focus on each other’s strengths not weaknesses.” – Josh and Rachel Best, Best Photography, Married 4 years.

Real Idaho Proposal Story: Rebecca and Jon

Posted by Caitlin on Jun 02, 2014


Photo: Rachel Allen Photography

Can you guess where these two lovebirds got engaged? Exactly where they had stood and shared their first kiss together! “I thought we were there to get a picture,” Rebecca said. “Instead, he surprised me by suddenly dropping to a knee and asking me to be his wife. Of course, I said, ‘YES.'” It’s ironic that nearly two years ago Rebecca first met Jon at a Bible study group. “All the members encouraged him to go out and date,” she said. “But he told them that one day his wife would walk through the front door. God delivered that promise.” Read more here if you want to find out what the engagement ring looks like. (Hint: There are 43 diamonds total — whoa.)

Real Maryland Engagement Photos: Michelle and Nima

Posted by Caitlin on May 27, 2014


Photo: Jen Harvey Photography

Can you guess when these two lovebirds got engaged? Before the Baltimore Ravens beat the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship football game! So, of course, they decided to wear their jerseys — 27 for Ray Rice and 55 for Terrell Suggs — during their waterfront engagement session. “We went to my parent’s shore home that has been in the family for years,” Michelle said. “We actually were trying to think of a place for some time because we didn’t want to do the typical locations, and it just came to us.” Notice they brought along their pup too? View more photos here.

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